At Baby Experience we are strong advocates of breastfeeding, because we always want the best for our children, and without a doubt Breastfeeding is the best option for them to grow strong, healthy, with all the nutrients they need and with all the love that only a mother can give. But sometimes breastfeeding can be more complicated than it seems from the beginning and problems can arise (Remember our article on postpartum?). Furthermore, in many hospitals, the necessary help is not given to those mothers who decide to carry out exclusive breastfeeding, who may feel lost, alone and distressed.

It is essential to seek help from professionals to achieve successful breastfeeding, especially if we have problems. We will give you a few basic tips that can help you in this very sweet and at the same time so hard period of your lives.

Minute 0 matters

Have you heard of the concept "skin to skin"? Right after giving birth it is recommended not to separate the baby from its mother, especially during the first two hours, when the sucking instinct is stronger than ever and thus we get them to latch on to the breast right away. It will also help the milk rise very fast and the uterus begins to contract. So you know, if there are no medical contraindications, hold your baby tightly on your bare skin and do not let go 🙂


"Breastfeeding is on demand." Engrave these words in your head. Take the clock and throw it out the window, it won't help you at all. It is the baby who must set the pace, he knows when he is hungry, or when he needs his mother (remember that the tit is not just food ...). It may seem at first that you spend the day hooked on you, but little by little it will regulate the shots. They are small, not stupid. They know when they are hungry, and they will ask us. We cannot ask day babies to wait half an hour because it is not yet time to eat. They are hungry, period, they need it.

The position is basic

Anyone in the room who has suffered the damn cracks? They hurt more than you can imagine, but on many occasions they are caused by a bad position when breastfeeding. The little one must grab a large part of the areola and not only the nipple, if this is not corrected we can suffer these famous so painful wounds. They may also be due to a problem with the newborn's short sublingual frenulum or a bacterial infection. These two options require medical help. But if the problem is in the position, inform yourself and seek help from someone who can correct the baby's position to get the perfect grip. And you'll see how quickly you leave pain behind!

Help, help, help!

We have already told you above, seeking support is essential. It is normal to have many doubts about whether the little one is holding well, if he is eating enough, when we should change our breasts, etc. Especially in first-time mothers, breastfeeding can be a great unknown, and that is why we advise you to ask for help from professionals such as midwives or lactation consultants. Insist, be as heavy as you need until you have no doubt! It is highly recommended to go to breastfeeding groups where not only will they help you but you will share experience with other mothers in your same situation. A great option is to download the application Lactapp, created by two cracs of breastfeeding such as María Berruezo and Alba Padró. They were in our store a few months ago, you can retrieve here your visit!

The pacifier ... better parked

At least during the first days and especially if there is a problem with breastfeeding, since the sucking of the pacifier is different from that of the breast and this can confuse the baby. That is why I recommend not offering a pacifier until breastfeeding is well established. When the little one already has the well-regulated feedings, grasps without problems, and is gaining weight at an appropriate rate, then we can give the pacifier, if we consider it so.

These are some of the tips for successful breastfeeding, but above all you will need a lot of calm and learn to take things with big doses of patience and love, although with your babies in your arms, surely of the latter you are more than enough. <3

Cheer up for the tit!

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