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Tips for successful breastfeeding

At Baby Experience we are strong advocates of breastfeeding, because we always want the best for our children, and without a doubt breastfeeding is the best option for them to grow up strong, healthy, with all the nutrients they need and with all the love that only a mother can give. But sometimes…

By Baby Experience 28/12/2016 0

Do you know Alba Padró and María Berruezo? If you are pregnant or just had your baby, you are interested!

This weekend we had Alba Padró and María Berruezo as a Baby Experience. They told us a lot of things about breastfeeding and they introduced us to their new Project, Lactapp. Don't you know who they are? You are pregnant? Did you just have a baby? Are you in weaning process? Do you have a thousand questions about breastfeeding? You should meet Alba and ...

By Baby Experience 22/12/2015 0