In the real worldWe are the first 'Experiential Concept Store' dedicated to baby care in Spain.

Going to buy a stroller, a baby carrier, a high chair or a car seat and that this act becomes an experience is that you are in Baby Experience.

In our store you will find experiences like:

  • Sit at a table the same way a baby sits.

How would you feel in a huge chair, with a table so high that your arms are under tension, your feet dangling and a seat so deep that your back cannot rest comfortably? Try our ergonomic table and experience the sensation of a 3-year-old child. Come try it!


  • 'Strollers Test Track'

What is the best stroller? Can I test if it fits in my trunk? How is it going through the city, cobblestones or stones? Experience it in our stroller Track zone! Are you going to use it for paving stones, asphalt, stones or on the sidewalk? All land in one space


  •  Baby resting feeling

Hammocks, are they comfortable? Mom and Dad's arms are the safest and most comfortable place for baby. But a hammock is a good help if you want to take a shower, make food or have another child to attend to. In Baby Experience we have a maxi hammock where you can check how it collects the whole body of the baby in a soft and ergonomic way.

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  • Portage area

What types of baby carriers are there? Ergonomic? Carrying is very beneficial for the baby and very comfortable for parents, but before starting to practice it, it is better to find out what type of baby carriers exist and which is the most suitable for the baby, the activity you are going to do and your physical structure.


  • Test ramp 'reverse gear'

What is the safest child restraint chair? Better to go for or against the march? Until what age? Is the Isofix important? Better a combined group? Dare and try our car safety experience ... and find the answers yourself!


  • Zones for the little ones. 

We want them to enjoy visiting Baby Experience as much as you do. That is why we have created a space for them to play, draw or read stories while you try a stroller or view the sleeping area. If the visit is longer than expected and you have to feed your baby, we have an area where you can comfortably breastfeed.


In the world 2.0 We want to offer you all the information you are looking for about what is most suitable for your baby and your lifestyle. For this we have created a 'Practical guide for pregnant women ' that you can download on our website 

We believe that the world of childcare deserves special attention. Therefore, our intention is to help you establish basic parameters based on knowledge of the products and the experience of having listened to more than 3,000 parents.
In this blog we will compare different products and brands, with a critical spirit and generating an opinion that we will tell you regularly so that you can choose what, finally, can be useful for your family.

We will also talk to experts on topics such as ergonomics, sleep, food, safety in the car, etc. We will publish all this on a regular basis trying to help you solve some of the doubts that may arise in the process of having a baby.

Summarizing. On our blog you will find: information, opinion and reflection.

If you like what we are writing, follow us! If you don't like it, please tell us; we will try to improve.

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  1. Hello, I have seen the rainbow pikler hammock OR rocker and I would like to know if you have it for sale

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