This is a question that causes some doubt in many of the families that come to our stores.

There are online groups, blogs, and pages on child safety that help keep families informed. Among them us 😉

All this information helps you to know more about the reverse movement, to know the product, the news, what is better to leave out, etc. But it can never serve as the only guide to the final purchase. Why?

Why should we not buy a chair on the Internet?

On the Internet you cannot value many of the essential things to keep your child safe.  A security feature should not be purchased without receiving the appropriate information, performing the appropriate tests, and showing parents how the installation runs correctly.

In order for a child restraint system to be truly safe, Parents should know that:

  • It must be correctly installed: Space (Not all cars are the same size and occupants do not need the same space. It is true that there are seats that occupy more than others and some may force you to have to cancel the passenger seat. If you go to a good SRI advisor, they will help you to try different models and, because, sometimes it is not possible, you can find a better solution.) The angle (This point is one of the most important points to keep in mind when buying an SRI. A chair that has a very reclined angle causes more cervical traction load on the baby in the event of an impact. So brands tend to do recline as little as possible to comfortably pass the approvals. The problem we find, then, is that each car has a different angle on its bench and when installing the chair, it is excessively vertical. Consequence: The child drops his head when it is very small and later because he falls asleep. Thanks to the saddle tests you will be able to find which is the model that best fits your car) Correct installation (A 'very safe' chair with an inadequate installation is useless)
  • That the items like the harness are properly adjusted, the head is not excessively high or low and the reducers well placed in newborns.
  • Than the seat fits the child correctly in size and weight.  Not all children are created equal. There are taller, bigger, slimmer, smaller, longer children, etc. Ideally, sit the child in the chairs chosen to see which one is the best for him and holds him best.
  • Large family: What if I have two or three children? How do I organize the car? Which combination is the most recommended? An SRI consultant can help you find the best combination for this, and only by trying them, the 'tetris' is resolved. Internet not.
  • Several cars in the family: There are families that organize themselves so that Dad takes the little boy to school every day, but the car they take on long trips is Mom's because it is more comfortable and safer. For this they do not need to buy two chairs but, as we have said before, not all cars have the same angle on the sidewalk. So the ideal is to test the chair in both cars.
  • Support legs / Low Tether: How many of you parents know what this means? If you have two children it is likely that you will. But if it is the first and they tell you that you have to adjust the leg of the chair or that you have to tighten the low tether well, most likely you will install it and live with the doubt of whether you have done it correctly. For example; family cars often have drawers on the back floor. If we install the support leg on these empty drawers, that leg loses all its functions. An SRI consultant will help you find the correct solution.




Once the chair is selected after testing, it is important that the counselor shows parents how to handle it in an installation and uninstallation to finally leave it in place and supervised by the expert.

To the question: Would you buy a car online without seeing it, touching it or testing it before? The vast majority of you would answer no, right? Although they will leave you "something" cheaper. Because you need to test it, know if it fits your driving mode, if it works correctly, if there is space, etc. Well the same goes for safety seats. Its function is nothing more and nothing less than to ensure the life of your child.

We never recommend buying a chair online for lack of these tests and advice. This can lead to misuse of the retention system with fatal consequences for the safety of your children. 

For this reason, on the Baby Experience website you will only find these products as information and cannot be purchased by this means. Any consultation, doubt or appointment reservation for advice you can call us at 93 725 15 75 or write an email to  We will be happy to answer your questions!

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