Easter is approaching and surely many of you are already planning a great family trip.

Many times we think that to go on a trip with a baby we need to take the whole house with us, that's why we are going to show you that there is a practical and less bulky way. Take note!


  • DOCUMENTATION: Yes, this is not a childcare article, but we want to make sure that you have all the procedures done before you start planning your bags. Mainly you are going to need the DNI unless you travel outside of national territory, in that case you will also need passport. Accompanying the documentation with the family book does not hurt if the ID or passport is lost. It is also important to bring the health card that you will have to see what type you need depending on the place where you travel (Spain or international)
  • SMALL KIT: You may have already verified that children are unpredictable in this matter of fever and viruses. So that you don't get caught by surprise, it doesn't hurt to carry a small first-aid kit that contains: A thermometer, Apiretal, nasal cleaning serum and a nasal aspirator.
  • TO WALK: Here you have two options depending on the type of trip you want to do. Our advice is that you combine them for greater practicality on the one hand and to be able to rest on the other.
  1. BACKPACK / SCARF baby carrier: Carrying a backpack or scarf that does not weigh too much is a great solution for the moments when the child gets tired of sitting or in case there is a route in the trip that is difficult to access with a stroller. As an example you have: Tonga, the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air wave BOBA Air.
  2. STROLLER / STROLLER: When we prepare the suitcases and everything else, we think do I need a “travel” stroller? It depends! We believe that it depends a lot on the destination, because going to the beach by car, to Rome by plane, or to a camping is not the same. But to solve all these doubts we recommend that you carefully read our post:  Should you buy an ultra compact seat to go on vacation? It also depends on age. If you are a very traveling family, you may consider going on vacation with your very young baby, in your case we will surely have already recommended that you look for a compact stroller like the one from the beginning. Bugaboo Bee or an ultra compact one such as the Yoyo (Babyzen), the nano (Mountain Buggy) or the city tour (Baby Jogger).


  • TIME TO EAT: It is possible that in most restaurants you go to you will find highchairs for babies, but if you prefer that your baby travels with his in case some place does not have there are very compact options on the market. For example:  High chair-harness laptop, the elevator by Babymoov
  • HYGIENE: At this point in the list you may have wondered where to bathe your little one, right? Well there are two very compact options: The bathtub Stokke's Flexibath or the bathtub inflatable babymoov
  • CLOTHES: Of course clothing is very important. You will have to take into account the time of the place where you travel, which you will have to take various changes because they get very dirty and above all, make it very comfortable! As for the shoesIf he walks, think about looking for some very comfortable ones so he can walk with you.
  • BABY WATCH: One of the things that are not usually taken into account but that can help us to be calm having dinner, playing Parcheesi or whatever you want, while they rest. If you go to an apartment or place where he can rest while he leaves you alone for a little while, don't forget the baby monitor!

  • TRAVEL COT: The travel cots They are not essential if the baby sleeps with you, but, as we mentioned before, there are moments in the holidays when the little one, exhausted after walking all day, will need a space to sleep while you enjoy a moment alone. If you go by plane and you cannot bring a travel cot, you can always request it at the accommodation.

  • CAR SEAT: list of our Klippan friendsThis is the most important point for us. As you know in Baby Experience, we take great care of the baby's safety in the car and therefore we recommend that children travel in reverse gear until (minimum) 4 years old. If you travel by car, you will surely already have the seat that you use every day, but if you are going to travel by plane and rent a car at the destination, make sure that the chair that you rent is in reverse gear. In car rental houses they usually have very basic chairs, so we recommend that you investigate if there is a chair rental point where you travel. We leave you a list of our Klippan friends so you can keep an eye on it.

  • BIBS, SPOONS AND SAUSAGES: Babies eat very often. If your baby has already started complementary feeding you can include in the suitcase several bibs, spoons Y lunch boxes to be able to stop to eat anywhere.
  • LOTS TO ENJOY! And of course this can never be missing on a vacation.

If you have any questions and need us to help you out, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy Holidays!

One thought on “ 10 imprescindibles para viajar con un bebé ”

  1. What a good listing!
    Once the vacation months, or any fortuitous getaway, have arrived, there are many elements to consider if you plan to travel with a newborn. First of all, you have to look for your comfort and well-being, and that means arming yourself with the best accessories (from the stroller to the utensils for your food). Very good recommendations!

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