That sport has beneficial effects for our body we already know; so that Being physically active during pregnancy can improve our mood, reduce discomfort and pain, promote sleep and prepare us for delivery. Today we bring you some exercises for pregnant women that you can do even from home.

Exercise tips for pregnant women according to the trimester

In the first trimester

In the first trimester is when you should take care of a pregnant woman in a matter of exercises. That is why it is recommended to do light cardiovascular exercises, such as walking for 30 minutes a day or cycling without resistance.

In the second quarter

The most recommended sport for pregnant women in this trimester, it is the swimming. It is one of the most complete exercises and does not put you or the baby at risk. Walk during this quarter it is also advisable.

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In the third trimester

In general, it is recommended low impact aerobics, that is, dance classes, for example, no jumping or jerking movements.

Exercises for pregnant women at home

Sometimes, gym and pregnancy are not compatible, then we show the most recommended activities to do it from home.

Squats and pelvic tilt

Squats are perfect for strengthen the legs and open the pelvis at the same time. You can do the usual ones, or with your back against the wall.

The pelvic tilt, for its part, reduces back pain and prepares the body for delivery. To do this exercise during pregnancy, you must follow these steps:

  • Stand on all fours, lining your head with your back.
  • Shrink the abdominal area, pushing your back up, hold the position for a few seconds and slowly relax.

Kegel exercises in pregnancy

Help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, avoid and reduce discomfort from urinary incontinence. During pregnancy, muscle tone is usually lost in the area due to the extra effort that is made.

This type of exercises for pregnant women can be done anywhere and in any posture.

  • First identify which muscles are- These are the genital muscles that we use to stop urine.
  • Before starting the exercises empty the bladder.
  • Successively contract and relax pelvic floor muscles.
  • Repeat both movements (contraction and relaxation) 10 times in a row, at least 5 to 8 times a day.
  • They should be done regularlyyou shouldn't feel no discomfort and above all, you must do them relaxed.

Breathing and relaxation

Practice all Breaths from Childbirth Preparation Classes at home as many times as you can. One of the simplest is the abdominal breathing, which consists of taking air through the nose until the lungs are full, and then slowly expelling it through the mouth. 

If you have a ball at home, this is yours!

The prenatal ball exercises are very safe and relaxing. In addition, they help improve the discomfort of pregnancy and promote the body's preparation for childbirth.

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For example, the exercise of Free pelvis makes it easier for the baby to fit into the birth canal, relaxing the lower back and mobilizing the joints of the pelvis. You simply have to sit on the ball with your knees out, lean forward resting your hands on your legs and perform lateral hip movements.

Each pregnancy and each body is a world. You have 40 weeks with the excuse of being able to dedicate a little more time to yourself, for the benefit of your baby and yourself.

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