We were waiting for you. Ever since Babyzen told us to liquidate the Babyzen Yoyo + chassis because the new model would come out, we have been waiting. Secretism, silence, we didn't know anything! Until now… Now, yes, we can introduce you to the new Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller and all its novelties.


Babyzen Yoyo2: Released March 2

March is loaded with news, and if a few weeks ago we presented the new joolz aer stroller, this week we present you all the changes that the new Babyzen Yoyo2 presents.

Babyzen was a pioneer bringing to the market a type of stroller that until then did not exist: a light, compact folding chair that could also be climbed into the cabin of an airplane without having to be checked in. Since then, the Yoyo + has been at the top of the scene, comparing itself with all the models of the same range that the brands have been bringing out.

Changes and improvements

  • The new chassis is reinforced and approved for hold 22 kg
  • We will have four-wheel independent suspension; in addition, with a new technology to date: the use of a elastomer called Hytrel® which will give the new Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller an ability to adapt to the terrain and unmatched shock absorption.
  • We say goodbye to the foam handlebars to make way for the new faux leather handlebar: more resistant, hygienic and safer thanks to its wrist strap.
yoyo+ vs yoyo2
  • New universal buckle design: more pleasant touch and easier to use.
  • New harness straps: softer and more flexible, for greater comfort
yoyo+ vs yoyo2
  • New button to modify the seat when we go from the newborn pack to the 6+ month pack.
  • New design of the inner wheel bearings, armrests and lower basket.
  • All the accessories of the previous Yoyo + adapt perfectly to the Yoyo2.
  • Starting price of the chassis with the 6-month pack: 429€; this time without rain cover included (so its price will rise to € 459 versus € 399 of the previous model).
  • We can choose any color combination of existing ones for the previous model.

Small changes, big capacities

Babyzen when he does things he does them well. If the Babyzen Yoyo + has been a stroller that has practically given no problems due to the high quality of its materials and the well-studied design of its chassis; These small changes maintain the essence of the Yoyo, improving if possible the experience and the feeling that this ultra light stroller gives us.

6 thoughts on “ Que trae de nuevo el Babyzen Yoyo2 ”

  1. Hello
    I am writing to you since I am interested in the babyze yoyo carriage 2 stroller and stroller and I would like to know what car seat would be worth it since for the car I intend to buy one that serves 0 until I am older and I do not know which ones are valid for adapt it to the car
    Thank you very much

    1. Good afternoon Eva. Almost any group 0 on the market can be put into the Yoyo2 through adapters. A group 0 is approved up to about 13 kg, that means it can last you (depending on the child's percentile) up to approx.
      Now, we have to see child restraint systems for what they are: vehicle security systems. The best way to choose them is by coming to a specialized store where you can assess your case and test in your own vehicle which car seat is best suited. A group 0 gives you some mobility, since it allows you to put it in the stroller, in this case, in YOYO2. However, it is not recommended to walk with it for more than 2 hours, since for a baby younger than 6 months their oxygen saturation decreases because their thoracic muscles are not prepared to sit so tight and their lungs compress.
      Also, another option would be to use a group 0 / I, from birth to 18 kg, approximately 4 years. The latter would be installed in the vehicle without the possibility of putting it in the stroller.

      I hope I have clarified your doubts. A greeting!

  2. Hello, I would like to know the differences between the bugaboo Bee5 plus carrycot and the babyzen yoyo2 plus carrycot. Soon I will have to decide on one of them and I would like to know the pros and cons of each of them.
    Which one will you keep?
    Thank you

    1. Good morning Jorge. The Bee5 is an urban stroller with a semi-rigid carrycot that during the first 6 months of the baby's life, you must remove the carrycot from the chassis in order to fold it. Instead, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is an ultra-compact stroller that you can carry on the plane as hand luggage; with a soft carrycot that allows folding even with it. When we go to the stroller format, the Bee5 allows to put the baby facing the parents and towards the world, that is, it is a reversible chair, while the Yoyo2 only allows to put the baby facing the world. We also have to take into account the reclining of the chairs, while the Yoyo2 does not lie down completely, the Bee5 does. With Bugaboo you will have a maneuverable and practical stroller; the Yoyo2 is a perfect stroller if you have very little boot space or lift, or if you travel a lot.
      The best thing is that you go to one of our stores to see them on the spot and be able to compare and test them in our Stroller Test. I hope I've helped. A greeting!!

  3. Hi!
    I'm interested in the yoyo2, but I have a question, don't you have a footrest? Will the little one when his feet hang down, won't he be uncomfortable?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hello Blanca! Sorry for the delay in answering you. The Babyzen Yoyo2 does not come with the footrest as standard but it can be purchased as an accessory, its price is € 30. Think of it as a supplement that lengthens the seat a little more to offer comfort to young children who take more naps in the stroller.

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