We know that these days of confinement will not be easy, but think about it: now we can have time to stop, think and decide. We teach you how to make the baby basket and prepare its arrival at your home.

We take this opportunity to leave you a list of things you can do these days to keep your mind busy and dedicate yourself to what is now truly important. It is the ideal time for you and your partner to get down to work:

Room the first months

Preparing the baby basket is not everything, its arrival involves many changes in your home. Although we all think of the baby's room, believe us when we say that in the end, and probably, the first room where he will sleep is yours.

como preparar la canastilla
  • Think about where you are going to put your baby's crib or crib and distribute the room in a way that facilitates your passage when the baby sleeps with you: the ideal is to leave a meter of distance between obstacles. Take advantage of remove and wash curtains: A large amount of dust and mites accumulates in them.
  • Reorder cabinets and drawers: Take the opportunity to clean all those things that you do not use and organize them with all those items that can help you with your baby.
  • Take advantage of remove and wash curtains: A large amount of dust and mites accumulates in them.
  • Thoroughly clean the room and all the furniture.
  • It is time to leave the cradle or the crib mounted: wash bottoms, duvet covers, protectors, etc., according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can leave it all on and Cover the crib on top with a sheet or towel so that it does not get dusty, or keep it in a closet until the imminent arrival of your baby.

Baby's room

Create a space that facilitates the storage of your clothes and a changing area.

cuando preparar la canastilla
  • Take advantage of an offer in diapers to buy the first size you will need and find a place to store them, they take up a lot of space! If you opt for cloth diapers, wash them and find them a specific place to have them on hand.
  • Add Organizer baskets with essential toiletries when changing your baby or after bathing: brush, comb, manicure set, moisturizer, wipes, nasal aspirator ...
  • Thoroughly clean the dust from the furniture and prepare the wardrobe or dresser to put his clean clothes.

How to make the baby basket: prepare your clothes

  • Wash all your clothes with a mild detergent without softener; remember that a baby's skin is extremely sensitive.
  • Once clean and dry, separate those clothes that you will add to the hospital bag of the clothes you will leave at home.
  • Difference between the sizes of first sets and the sizes that will serve you for weeks or months after.
  • Maintain an order that then simplifies your day to day: separate bodies and underwear, pajamas and clothes to go outside.
en qué semana preparar la canastilla

The time of delivery and the arrival of the baby

Now is the time to put the cards on the table; or rather, the bags on the bed. On the one hand we will have the baby's bag and on the other the mom's bag. For both cases We recommend that you follow our cheklist or the one provided at the hospital. In them you will have the essential items: first changes, lullabies, nursing bras, nightgowns, etc. Prepare the baby's basket and your bag will be a piece of cake by following these steps.

Now, something that sometimes we do not take into account is that we will spend a few days away from home, and we will not only be mom and baby. We recommend that there is also a hole in your bag for your partner: that you bring a mobile charger, a camera, some snacks, some Comfortable clothing so that he / she can also do skin to skin.

llegada del bebé

New or second hand stroller

It is time to have your stroller mounted with carrycot configuration. If you have inherited a stroller or you bought it from second handwe recommend hire a cleaning service. From Baby Experience we work with Babygiène, a brand that makes your baby's articles better than new, free of mites and pathogens thanks to its sanitization and sterilization in various phases sin using chemicals harmful to your baby and the environment.

Body and mind

Preparing for the arrival of your baby is not only a physical task, but also a psychological one. Your lives will take a 180 degree turn and these next months will be a period of adaptation.

If we need training to do any job today; Don't you think that for the task of m (p) aternity too?

Read a lot, inform yourself, but above all, also follow your instincts and flee from "opinionologists".

If this confinement has to serve us as something to slow down, to breathe, to calm down and to savor the moment. This moment.

We leave you here also a post about exercises that you can do in pregnancy from home.

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