When we do not have options to go outside or to the park we have to manage to entertain the little ones in the house. Today we bring you some ideas of how to enable our homes to play outdoors.

Play outside: balconies

A terrace will always give us that much-needed respite, creating a pleasant environment that allows us to enjoy the outdoors.

First of all, if the outdoor area is a balcony or roof terrace, the first thing to do is close the possible holes and holes through which our little ones could take out arms, legs, toys ... We will resort to some plastic mesh, one of these small squares.

jugar balcones
Seen through Pinterest, image from the blog of Fernanda Floret Dressed as mae

Sensory zone

To make a sensory corner we have several options depending on the space you have:

The ideal is create two spaces, to put two elements, like dirt and water, or water and stones, or dirt and flour or pasta and toilet paper rolls.

As you can see there are infinite possibilities, you can change the material every three days if you feel like itYou know your children better than anyone; so each one is experimenting with what they consider best.

jugar espacios exteriores
Seen through Pinterest, blog image 170QM

Treasure corner

Whoever has returned from the park full of stones, sticks, pineapples, raise your hand… I imagine you all raising your hand. The little ones love to pick up stones, dry leaves, sticks ... and natural materials. What better than preparing an area where they can keep your treasures at home.

You can also find a way to reuse themFor example, painting the stones or pineapples, learning to join sticks and make a small birdhouse, make garlands of leaves ...

Exercise area

The good thing about having an outdoor area is being able to do things that you may not be able to do indoors. A ride-on, a scooter, a mat, all the cushions at home ... can serve to improve their gross motor skills and have a good time.

Imitation games

The symbolic play in the infant stage it is very important to learn to understand the world. In the outdoor area you can prepare an area for them exclusively such as a house, a tool table, a cleaning kit, a kitchen ...

juegos terraza
Seen through Pinterest, blog image Grimmskram

Green area

A green area with a small orchard, flowers and plants that allow to see the change of the seasons.

huerto niños
Seen through Pinterest, blog image Apartment Therapy

As you can see, we can offer the children of the house infinite options.

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