We have already said it again, we are in love with the baby clothes! We love outfits with beautiful, comfortable prints that make our little ones shine with all their splendor.

But precisely because everything is so beautiful, sometimes we find it difficult to buy clothes that are really useful, we get carried away by the eyes and we end up with the closet full of precious sets but not comfortable or practical. Of course it is okay to wear them very handsome on weekends or on specific days, but for the daytime we have plenty of options so that they are very handsome and comfortable at the same time. We leave you with a list of the 7 essential items that cannot be missing in your child's wardrobe, take note!

Bodies: They are (or have to be) the kings of the wardrobe. they are the fundamental piece in any outfit. We have them in long, short, or sleeveless, and in all the colors of the world. Some of them fasten in front and make it easier to dress, especially when we talk about very young babies, who are better off avoiding the bad time of passing the body over their heads. We also have them with an American collar, a high collar, buttoned on the shoulder ... etc. They are the essential garment to prevent the baby from catching cold, since it will keep his little body warm and will avoid leaving his back and belly in the air with any movement. By the way, a trick, have you ever wondered why bodysuits without an opening have pleats on the shoulders? It is to be able to get it out of the baby's feet instead of the head in case of an emergency (read poop out of control).

Pajamas: The most comfortable option! one piece and out of trouble. And we are not going to fool ourselves, they are not only for sleeping, who has not dressed their baby in pajamas during the day to make him feel comfortable? Especially in the cold months and if we stay at home, the important thing is that the baby does not lose body temperature, and with a body under a good velvet pajamas we will have him handsome and warm. There are super funny pajamas! If you do not believe it, stop by our stores and we will show you some models the sea of fun.

Socks: As we said above, it is important that the children maintain their body temperature, and although the fact that their feet and hands are cold does not mean that they are going cold (remember that the temperature of the babies is checked at the nape of the neck) it is better than the children. wear well covered. Many times those small feet are lost in the pants, which is why we recommend putting socks on inside or outside of the pants, and thus we ensure that they will not cool.

Pants or leggings: Some jeans may not be the best option, but there are pants in many different fabrics, and if we choose comfortable and suitable for the time of year we will make sure that the baby goes well to taste. There are pants, especially in the smallest sizes, with a foot, so we prevent air from entering them and they are always protected.

Sweatshirts: Like adults we wear a sweater over the top, for babies it is also advisable to dress them with two layers on top. We recommend that they have a lateral or front opening to avoid the distressing moment of passing it over the head. A very fun and warm sweater or pullover for when we go for a walk comfortable and handsome! 

Bandanas:  Oh, the slobber ... How heavy they can be! Apart from irritations on the delicate skin of babies, there is no way to keep clothes dry, very annoying thing especially in the cold months. That is why in any wardrobe you can lack a good assortment of bandanas and above all always carry a pair on top to be able to change it, since they quickly get soaked.

Caps: The hats are a must have that every baby, especially newborns, should carry whenever they go out. We repeat: it is very important to maintain body temperature, and the head is usually the part of the body that is most exposed, so with a good hat we forget about this problem and we can go for a walk calmly 🙂

Have you taken note? Well, you can go out and rob the stores! Ready, Set, Go!

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