All women who have been pregnant will know what those unstoppable desire to buy and buy things for their future baby are. Everything is so sweet! Many girls live in fear that something will go wrong and that is why they prefer to wait a few months before starting to burn the visa, but others buy the first body before even announcing the pregnancy to the family.

Although all of them go through that moment when you first enter a baby store and overwhelmed by all that lot of beautiful things, you wonder what do I need?

Because when you still have your baby in the belly it is important to go shopping and above all not leave everything until the end, since we do not know in what state we will arrive (if we arrive) at 40 weeks, and it is better to face the straight end relaxed and with everything well prepared, that all we have to do is pamper ourselves <3

Here are our tips on what you can buy during pregnancy:

One of the most exciting things is baby clothes, but precisely here we advise you not to carry too much, because we do not know how the little one is going to be, there are children who are born very chubby and others very small, and if we wait for our baby for January and we buy a lot of spring clothes, size 3 months but then it turns out that the bonbon grows by forced marches and is planted at size 6 months in two months we are going to have to eat all the clothes with potatoes (believe me, this can happen). Our advice is that you buy just the clothes for the first days, and then you will be taking what you need according to the march. We know, it is all very beautiful, but you must be strong!

One thing that you can start looking at in time to compare models, prices and features is the pram. There are all types and ranges, it can be a three-piece or only two-piece stroller, this will depend on whether we plan to buy a good one from the start child restraint system that allows its use from the moment of birth, and always the maximum time to reverse, it goes without saying! In Baby Experience and Born to BE! You have the best strollers on the market and of course they will offer you the best possible advice on car seats, so in a single afternoon you can kill two birds with one stone, and fat ones!

The cradle It is also one of the purchases that you have to make, because you are going to need it the first few days. If you have decided to make a colecho you can choose models like the model Cotinfant's look at meIn this way, you can continue having your baby very close without having to buy a super mattress or without the typical fear of doing them some harm while we sleep. Another very practical option is the Done by Deer nest, with which you can have the baby calm and super comfortable anywhere in the house and where you will feel as if it were still in your tummy, by being able to adjust the size of the nest with the rope.

The important thing is to have what is necessary to survive the first days of the baby's life, for example, if it is born in winter it is essential that we also buy a good stroller bagAnother thing worth looking at is the bathtubBecause here it will depend a lot on how our house is, the size of the bathroom, whether we value comfort above all, etc. Again we find many different options, with legs and raised, bathtubs that are placed directly on the floor, or we can choose the Tummy Tub, a bathtub that mimics the womb and is ideal for newborn babies because it helps prevent colic.

This is only 4 of the things you can buy during pregnancy, what ideas do you have? Proposals accepted 🙂

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