Blog Mom's agenda

Name. Martha

Age. 33

City. Madrid

Sons and daughters and ages. 3 year old Leyre and Gabriel who will be one year old in March.

How did you start your blog? Why did you start it? When?

I started writing Mom's Agenda by chance almost five years ago. At that time we were looking for our first baby and she was making herself beg. As he suffered from insomnia, he used to do a thousand things: read, bake cakes or seek answers to the doubts we were having in the search. It occurred to me that I could make summaries and post them on the net to have everything "at hand" and I realized that this information was interesting and useful to many other future mothers.

Now it has become a job that I love and that gives me the opportunity to enjoy my children full time. Also, recently I have embarked on a new project: Central de juguetes, a blog specialized in games and toys for the whole family.

What is the secret of success in this world?

The truth is that I had not stopped to think about it until now. I think that we should first consider what “success” is because it gives me that it is not the same for everyone. For me, success is having a family that loves me, that smiles at me and takes away my sorrows, that I can count on. Success is being able to be typing these words from my bed while my little son sleeps peacefully next to me. In any case, like any project, it requires a lot of time, effort and dedication.

What topics do you not like to talk about on the blog and which are your favorites?

In the blog I don't like to talk about products or services that I have not tried or that I would not use at home with my family. I also don't like to create controversy, so I avoid controversial issues. What I find least difficult to write about is my day to day. Mom's agenda is a “live” blog that changes as my children grow. They are the ones who inspire me as they reach milestones: pregnancy, childbirth, first days, breastfeeding, solid food, leaving the diaper, the first day of school… Lately I have been taking a liking to talking about children's fashion and children's crafts.

What do you think about Social Networks? Have they helped the blog?

The way we relate has changed dramatically in recent years. Now if you are not in the main Social Networks you do not exist and not only at the business level. Although I am not particularly active in the networks, I recognize that in the case of blogs they are fundamental. Not so much for the possibility of dissemination, but for the feedback received from the readers. To be able to establish a relationship with them, to know their opinions, that they can propose topics: to form a tribe. That - for example - they write to you to tell you that you are the first to know that they are going to be parents after a long time of searching, is priceless.

Tell me 3 products that have saved your life in raising your children.

I have the feeling that the more children you have the less products you need.

Furthermore, they are not necessarily "essential" in each motherhood. If you had asked me while pregnant with my first daughter I would have said a thousand, right now I find it difficult to choose three, although there are a few products that make my life easier. I prefer:

Ergonomic baby carrier to use from birth. My oldest daughter was very demanding and needed constant contact. With the second, the baby carrier has meant freedom to follow the rhythm that marks the greatest.

Rigid bib with tank. At home we practice baby led weaning, but I think it is perfect for any baby who starts with the pieces. They stain less and can "re-fish" what is falling from their hands.

Pacifier chain. My children have never used a pacifier, but a chain is essential to avoid losing their rattles or small toys during the ride or in the car.

A tip for future parents.

I think I'm not the one to give advice to anyone. Each family, each father and - above all - each child is different and cannot be generalized. However, if I had to give one to future parents it would be: “Everyone is going to give you advice, often contradictory. Ignore none. Do what you think is best for your child and for yourself, and above all, whatever you do, do it fully convinced of your choice. "


Thanks Marta!

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