Esther, in addition to being a mother, blogger and passionate about new fashion trends, is a very nice and close woman. We share a passion for the world of children and motherhood. We wanted to interview her because we believe that her contents contribute experience, knowledge of the sector and good taste.

Thank you Esther for this little time that you have dedicated to us!

Blog: The label itches me - I am curious

Name: Esther Béjar

Age: 37 years

City: Plasencia

Sons and daughters and ages: Jaime, 6 years old and Sofía, 4.

How did you start your blog? Why did you start it? When?

A couple of years ago, I saw the light. The label bites me. The blog came out of my concern for children's fashion and trends in children's fashion. The truth is that, after managing the blog for a while, I realized that, although writing in the label I was very satisfying, there were certain subjects that, due to the specific theme of the blog, had no place.

To cover those concerns that I also wanted to write about, I decided to found Curiosity Itches Me, a website geared towards restless parents like me.

What is the secret of success?

The truth is that it is something that I have never considered, in fact, sincerely, I do not know what to answer you ... what I can tell you is that, like any project, it needs a lot of perseverance, work and of course, illusion.

What topics do you not like to talk about and which are your favorites?

I honestly have no taboo subject. If it interests mothers and fathers, it interests me too. Just as I don't dislike talking about any topic, the truth is that I don't have any favorites either.

What do you think about Social Networks? Have they helped the blog?

Currently, social networks disseminate any means of communication, being active in them is vitally important.

Tell me 3 products that have saved your life in raising your children.

If I have to choose only three products, I am left with:

1- The nursing pad. Before my first pregnancy, I was convinced that it was a useless childcare item, so one of my best friends told me

gift one and I couldn't live without it anymore.

2- Milk extractor. With my two children, I didn't want my return to work to end breastfeeding, so being able to use a breast pump was very helpful.

3- A light stroller. For me, having a light and easy to fold stroller became a must.

Next Monday we will share a space with another super blogger from the world of childcare!

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