You know that a year ago we opened our store in Barcelona.

For the inauguration event that we also share with many of our clients, we invited some moms who love to read.

Why them?

Because they dedicate all their efforts to explain to us what they have discovered in their motherhood. It helps first-time families prepare for their immediate future and those who already have more than one helps them discover new trends or important information.

We want you to get to know them as they are presented on their blogs and to listen a little to their messages and specializations.

I am Gi, blogger, thirty-something, curious and restless. Argentina living in Barcelona for 16 years and mother of 3: Victòria of 15 years, Sofía of 9 and Óliver who is 2 years old. As you can see I am very entertained with three stages of motherhood at the same time. How did this blog start? Since my oldest daughter was born, I have spent some of my free time searching the internet for innovative products for babies and children. Over time it occurred to me that sharing it could be fun, and I started this blog in the small moments between work and the care of my family. But this grew ... and grew ... and here we are! We have been online for 12 years. I think I can feel satisfied for having found such a good reception among the readers of this humble medium, from a mom, to other moms, and dads too.

Four years ago I became a mother. At first it is a somewhat strange feeling. I did not have that automatic feeling of deep love, it was a love that grew day by day, until today I became the greatest thing I have, something that always accompanies me, all day long and that makes me a better person, more serene, more mature. I have the feeling that when feeling something so great and so good certain things cease to matter. And this is reflected in everything I do, in my day to day.

For all this, I am at this point in my life and that is why I define myself as "full time mom and designer", it is my life, the forces that move me. And this is the reason why I have decided to create this blog, because I feel the need to show the world these interests. A designer mom is a blog dedicated to motherhood and graphics, the union between these two aspects of my life.

In back of stoleI am: Esther, lover of education and its power to change the world, teacher in constant evolution. nI am passionate about everything handmade, I love working with my hands, it is my therapy and my passion.

Sewing, scrapbooking, pastry or decoration, I love finding hidden utilities in our daily objects and giving a second life to everything I find!

2016 has given me the greatest of my life, my daughter Valentina. With her I have discovered the exciting (and hard) world of motherhood. I have found in my blog the channel to share and express the adventures and misadventures as a new mother, and at the same time create my 2.0 tribe

I invite you to walk through my blog and discover all my creations, feelings and ideas.

The MONTHS they have always been part of my life: my name is María and I'm a Mujer Mfrom Madrid (but I live in Barcelona), but the M 6 years ago he knocked on my door in a different way: I have been very lucky to be mother four times.

At 30 years of age, I have four beauties: the oldest is 6 years old, the middle one is 4 years old, the youngest is 2 years old and the fourth is just born. All this would not be possible without the great help of my husband, to whom I owe it to share life together with our two little ones.

I also have to thank my mother for giving me life and educating me as she has: through love. Without her and her unconditional support I would not be here. From my father I have learned the love for reading and writing, without him I would not be here either.

Being a mother is not a disguise that you take off and put on, you are not a mother only during pregnancy, or in childbirth, not even changing diapers at all hours and spending whole nights without sleeping or stumbling to sleep; one forges being a mother in every second of her life and it is something that will be like this forever, therefore, I can proudly say that the M is now my characteristic feature: I am Mother.

Lactapp is your pocket breastfeeding expert. If you are a mother and are breastfeeding you have to know and download the Alba y María mobile application. Is essential. Lactapp responds according to your specific needs with more than 23,000 specific answers, has a lactation test to discover if everything is going well, applies the resolution methodology of an international lactation consultant and will serve you from pregnancy, the first days, back to work and weaning.

Behind all this are Alba Padró, clinic assistant and International Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC), and María Berruezo, Publicidad y RRPP, Master in Knowledge Management. Two people as wonderful as professionals.

What I want you to know about me is ... that at 6 years old I discovered my vocation, to write. I am a journalist and when my first son was born in 2008, I created this blog in which I write with passion and perseverance. I'm here to… bring you all the latest in children's fashion and childcare from my perspective as a mother. An unrealized dream I have is ... playing the guitar like Paco de Lucía. My name is… María José Cayuela

I get the first one because after all I am the one who is most involved in this project, the one who gives my very personal point of view about everything I write, be it thoughts, experiences, new products that have fallen into my grabbing hands ... My name is Lucía, I am 31 years old (in 2014, when I write these words) and I was born in Malaga although for almost 10 years I have resided in an Infernal Village in the province of Barcelona (yes, from my words you will deduce that if I could I would still escape in any time back south).

I studied journalism but I have never practiced as such, I decided to extend my degree with a doctorate and since then I have been there, living on scholarships or working for free, depending on the degree. The thesis was wrong, let's not fool ourselves, because working on a research project absorbs all your time from Monday to Sunday and also that of saving parties, or that's what they made me believe for 8 long years! Then my family and my husband opened my eyes and forced me to see the reality: that I could not mortgage my future and my whole life for an unstable position, poorly paid and perhaps with little future. And so I started pregnant at the end of 2012, achieving the goal in February 2013 and giving birth to the girl in November of that year.

I had always wanted to be a mother of 5 churumbeles, but it is true that in these times you are missing the opportunities, you never find the perfect time (not for nothing, but because it does not exist) and I already thought that I would end up passing the rice , or the whole paella, if I did not decide to start a real family. When I wrote this, I was still on maternity leave and the work situation that awaited me on my return, only the devil knew about it! Because until the day before giving birth, I used to work comfortably from home, going to meetings once or twice a week, which in principle could be ideal to combine my family and work life. But my maternal instinct was already telling me that it was very likely that the conditions of my work had changed dramatically when I rejoined. But that is all said in my posts, so I am now a mom and blogger 24 hours a day and very happy with the change!

As you have also been pregnant, I have organized the suitcase for the hospital, I have felt lost in a childcare store, I have needed more information than what the dependent offered me and I have doubted a hundred million times if all the products in the market was necessary and good for my baby. The day we had to buy M's car seat, I decided to start this project to try to help other parents to choose.

Many times we listen to our friends, family or neighbors. But rarely do we have the opportunity to have complete, objective or contrasted information with professionals. This is my new project. This is my new goal. Give a more practical, technical and critical approach to products and brands.

What is the process going to be?

  • Practical test. On the one hand, I will try the products for a time with my daughter, little M. In this way I will be able to tell you what things attract my attention, what is most practical, how the little one feels, etc. At the end I will make a summary of all of them in a post.
  • Consult professionals. One of the challenges is to find professionals (engineers, doctors, designers, physical therapists, etc.) who collaborate by providing valuable information and to study the product in question. For example: If we analyze strollers we can speak to an engineer to inform us of the materials, a pediatric physical therapist can determine the ergonomics of the stroller, etc.
  • Final post. When the test has finished I will write a post where to connect all the previous information and other details that may be interesting. In this way we will obtain an assessment and criteria that allow us to decide better.

'MOM'S LABORATORY' goes to measure, test and study the product in depth for you.

Obviously one of my objectives and wishes is to listen to your doubts and requests, so if you want to start casting doubts and proposals for articles, products that you would be interested in knowing or comparing, I am all eyes and ears!

My name is Sheila and 5 years ago I decided to tell my maternal experience in Blog of a pregnant woman. Now that I'm a twin, I would love to continue with you in Mother's Word. Do you stay for my blog? I am curious and I would like to share my curiosities with you. So ask, comment, share ...

I am Danae, mother of a beautiful and happy girl named Illa and expecting my second baby for the end of September.

I have created Little miss as a page focused on motherhood where to share my experiences and offer useful and beautiful products for mom and baby. This blog is a corner where I relate my experiences in this complicated thing that is motherhood. In this space I intend to connect with other moms who have the same doubts and concerns as I do, telling my experience in the most realistic way possible.

In addition to the blog where I talk about my maternity stories, I also have a Online store where I offer products made by myself with great affection. I started making baby accessories but little by little I have incorporated other useful clothes and things that I have discovered throughout my first year as a mom. The star pieces of me shop They are the baby carriers and the personalized stamps with the name of your little one.

You can follow our daily experiences through InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

We recommend that you follow them all in their RRSS and their blogs. They will help you a lot and you can share with them many moments about motherhood! 😉

We want to thank you for your visit to Baby Barcelona Experience. As you know we are always waiting for you!


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