Sara She is a funny and transparent woman, whenever we get together we laugh and I think she knows a lot about childcare products. His blog is a compendium of "drinking" wisdom and he has been transmitting useful information to his public for 10 years. We have asked her some questions, so that you can get to know her a little more, because behind each maternity blog there is a woman who works hard and sleeps very little so that you can find out about everything.
Name: Sara Palacios Ramos
Age: 40
City: Saragossa
Daughters: Aldara (10) and Mencía (7)
How did you start your blog? Why did you start it? When?

My blog started in 2007, a decade now! It seems like it was yesterday, but it's quite a long time if I look at it as a whole. I started it a little by chance, because my friends started asking me about things that I tried and having everything compiled together was much more comfortable. So I started almost inadvertently at a time when blogging was almost exotic. No one had a blog.

What is the secret of success?
I would like to know that! I wish we knew how to succeed, but I only know how to do it one way: working hard and taking it very seriously. Then, since my way of being and my way of speaking convince my readers is another story, but it is always me.
What topics do you not like to talk about and which are your favorites?

I do not like to talk about road safety but not because I am not interested in the subject, which interests me a lot, but because I feel very responsible for my words. It seems to me that it is something very important and that confusing me plays with lives, so writing a post about it costs my life. On the side of what I like, I have a lot of fun doing humor. I have a good time and I think it connects with people on a different level than usual. Of course I love to talk about children's books and I have always had a real passion for baby carriages. I just wish I had someone to try them on.

What do you think about Social Networks? Have they helped the blog?
Of course. It is a way of being close to those who read you, although it is true that they can be a bit absorbing at times. You have to know how to choose and know how to stop in order not to end up being a slave to them.
Tell me 3 products that have saved your life in raising your daughters.

Without a doubt ergonomic baby carriers. I love them and they helped me a lot in my second motherhood. I really like my Nuna Pepp chair, which came in great because it didn't take up anything and it was a super choice. And of course the safety chairs. Today I would not choose the ones I chose (many years have passed and now I would bet on the reverse gear without hesitation) but I think if we talk about saving lives I had to name it because for me they are the most basic. No going in the car without a seat, not even a meter.

A tip for future parents

You are doing well. Do not listen to what they tell you, you do it well and you only have to have confidence in yourself.

But Sara not only runs this blog, she is also a regular contributor to the magazine Grazia In its digital version, it manages, writes and collaborates on various blogs:


Thanks Sara for the interview and for everything you write, we love you!

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