We are in luck for the Baby Experience. WE HAVE A DRAW! 

You know that one of our priorities is child safety and that is why we want to do this 12671684_1695328464083746_2249157912740630739_odraw.

In addition, in Baby Experience you can also go to our talks on child safety in the car. On April 28 at 5:30 p.m. we have already organized a ¿Do you sign up? Here we leave you the link to the event so that you can make free registration. 


What do we raffle? 


This car seat is homologated for group 2-3 (15kg to 36kg). Includes technology 12963734_10208116943933861_2117263042451872633_nSICT consisting of two deformable and retractable side elements. The function of the SICT is to encircle the point of impact to the door, absorbing up to 25% of energy in the event of a side impact. Its volume is adjustable to be able to adapt to different cars and free up space on the side opposite the door.

It features an innovation from Römer the XP-PAD. This pad protects the child from rubbing on the seat belt. This system especially protects the child's cervicals by preventing the chin from contacting the sternum. In this way the flexion of the neck is less.

Equipped with two approved rigid connectors to be able to fix it to the car's isofix anchorage points. They can be adjusted in three positions.

The head is V-shaped so that the head is protected at all times. It is also adjustable to protect occupants up to 1.5 m high.

The backrest is also V-shaped so you can protect your shoulders as the child grows.

It is equipped with a top belt guide with automatic safety on both sides of the head.

What do I have to do to participate?13043666_10208116943653854_7513150713929023122_n

It is very simple:

1.- Be followers on facebook of  Baby Experience (This raffle is only for blog followers, so it is essential to follow us on Facebook):

2.- Invite two friends to participate in the raffle How? you just have to tag them in a comment under the draw image on Facebook putting @ in front of the name

3.- Leave a comment on this same post from the blog telling us "Did you have to change cars with the arrival of the baby?" 

4.- Fill in the form Easypromos that you have in this link so you can count all participants. It will also give you the option to share this post.  This way you help us to continue growing and to be able to give you a lot of information.

What is the term and procedure of the Draw?

The draw starts at this very moment the April 27, 2016 Y ends May 27, 2016 at 11:59 p.m..

The draw will be made thanks to a plugin and we will publish the name of the winner in this same edited post. It is important that you are fans of the Baby Experience so that we can inform you of the winner. If after 5 business days the winner does not find the winner, the draw will be invalidated and will be repeated with the same participants. Hence the importance of you following us.

You can only participate once per person. Duplicate comments will be automatically removed.

Contest valid only for the peninsula. 

The model to be delivered is the same as the photo, color included. It cannot be exchanged for another model.


EDITED 06-01-2016

We already have the winners of the Römer Kidfix XP chairs!

The draw was made through Easypromo and here you have the result with all its validity: Click here

To receive the prize, we need the winning family to contact us by e-mail: cristina@borntobe.es within 7 days (maximum on 06/08/2016). In case of not contacting us, the prize will go to second or third place (click here to see these results).

Thank you all very much for participating in our raffle! We invite you to subscribe to our blog and follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram for future raffles. Thank you!



353 thoughts on “ ¡SORTEO! ¿Queréis esta estupenda silla grupo 2-3? ”

  1. If we had to change the car even though we had a family one. We got pregnant with twins after my first daughter, and we needed a bigger car

  2. The truth is that no ... I already bought the car thinking about the day I had a baby and I decided on a minivan and now that I've been a mom I'm more than happy, since I have room for everything!

  3. Hi! I sign up for the draw !!! Well, we have not had to change a car because when we buy it we look more at the family car options already thinking about the future, and the truth is that now with the little one we are very happy to have chosen well!

  4. Hello!! What a super giveaway !!! Let's see if it is our turn! Well, with the arrival of the first we did not have to change cars because before I got pregnant and thinking about the future we already bought a family one, but with the arrival of the second the parked motorcycles have definitely been left and we have bought a second car to facilitate the logistics in the mornings and afternoons !!

  5. If we have changed the car for a bigger one. In addition we have had to buy a second ..

  6. We with the first did not change it, we just started using it for all the 5-door. Now that we have 2 we had to buy a family car because the trunk was too small for us…. and still it is full only with his things hahaha

  7. If we had to change cars to one
    Family-friendly because we had a 3-door sports car and we couldn't fit

  8. Good, at the moment we have not had to change a car, but when another one comes surely!

  9. Wooow that passed chair! I would like to change my car but you can't! And the one we have, I hope it lasts much longer! XD

  10. Yes, because we had 2 and both 3 doors, so we changed one, but if we could have both

  11. The truth is not because our car is spacious but when we have another baby we plan to buy a family car thanks for the draw

  12. Not because our car is spacious but when we have another baby we plan to buy a family car thanks for the draw

  13. Well we did have to change cars since two babies came at once and my car was small so it was impossible to put the girls, the stroller ... And everything else. Now with a 7-seater we are much more comfortable, safe and comfortable. The chair could be great for us !!!! 🙂

  14. The truth is that not because six months before I got pregnant we had changed the car for a family one. Because if not if I had to change it because we had a sports one.

  15. We still do not adapt well with the car we have since it is very large and has a great capacity to fit all the baby's things

  16. I have not had to change, since the car is large and spacious. Thanks for the giveaway

  17. I have twins and I would have liked to change it, but I had to deal with the one I have, since I could not and cannot afford to change it. Now that I am 2.5 years old I do need to change the car seats, and if I was lucky enough to have it, ,,, uffff, I would be immensely happy

  18. Yes, we had a Peugeot 106, for 2 great but for kids like no since we would have been very tight

  19. Just change the car and we got pregnant. Goodness!!!! Xq in ibiza we would not fit

  20. Yes, I am looking for a car because mine is 3 doors and it is very uncomfortable. Luckily my husband's does the trick for now 🙂

  21. we have the red one and we are very happy with its use, it occupies little, it is very fixed in the seat and it is comfortable, so I would like to have another one so that my two children go equally safe in the car and we have not had to change, in the peugeot two seats fit perfectly

  22. When buying a seat against the march, the space was insufficient to guarantee a comfortable driving and we have changed cars. Taking into account that it was a car with 11 years and the change to gain security was not bad either.

  23. If I had to change a car, I had a small 3-door and I changed for a relative!

  24. No, because in its day we bought a chevrolet cruze for its trunk and now it is great for us

  25. We changed cars with the arrival of the first, we had a three-door and we bought a second-hand minivan ... just because of the size of the cart!

  26. Yes, I had an Ibiza and I just bought a KIA Carens, I really want to have it delivered.

  27. For now we have not changed, but it seems that it will be a matter of time.

  28. You are right!! When we found out that we were going to have a girl we made a change of car to a familiar one with 5 doors. Now we are more comfortable !!

  29. Per sort they will not have to change from cotxe, they will not buy the thought that in Breu voldríem they will have a fill.

  30. Nosaltres amb l'arribada del baby #2 si que hem hagut de canviar de cotxe per pose altra cadireta in conditions

  31. Nosaltres hem was at punt d'haver de canviar de cotxe, but for the time being they fit your ACM cadres 🙂

  32. Well, we had a two-seat party that we used mainly for work, but now with the two-and-a-half-year-old and the baby, we are in the process of another much bigger, more spacious, comfortable car and also with a lot of luggage for work, We will use it for everything, it is great.Thanks for the draw I love it.

  33. Yes, we had to change cars, since the one we had was 3 doors. Thank you!!

  34. We didn't have to change because it was already big! We had a vision for the future! Goodness! Thanks for this super giveaway!

  35. Hi! Our first walk was to the civil registry. 3 years and 4 months ago…

  36. We didn't change dad's car, but we changed mine (mom) because the one I had was a 3-door car without an isofix. Having to use it daily to take the child to the nursery, we thought that a 5-door car and other features that the old one did not have would be more comfortable. Let's see if we are lucky!!

  37. It is our first baby and the truth is that for the moment the car fits us although tight, but surely in a few months we will change to a larger car with more boot space.

  38. Hi! Nosaltres de moment no hem canviat de cotxe amb l'arribada de la segona però hem hagut d'a get a cow! 😉

  39. We did change cars with the arrival of our second son… The ACM chair takes up a lot and we were very tight!

  40. We are planting them, the car is 3 doors and a little narrow, and although the change is not immediate, it is pending for the near future.

  41. I didn't have to change a car, I had to buy one because I didn't have

  42. Hello, we have not had to change the car, and that our second baby is about to be born and the car is tiny but we will manage.

  43. The truth is that I did not change cars since I had a van and we all entered.
    But the chair would be great for me since I have a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old and he needs a change of chair and good luck to everyone.

  44. Well, we are considering it ... although we can fit in our car, we could use a little more space !!
    And the chair would be ideal for my daughter who has to change and yours.

  45. At the moment we have not changed because we are still pregnant !!! It is to go making "trousseau" q but then everything comes suddenly!

  46. Nosaltres també hem canviat one of the two cotxes to have more space to the trunk and to be able to continue fent escapadetes els 3 🙂

  47. We changed the car when our little one was 1 year old! Now what we have to change is the seat 😉

  48. We have 2 children and we don't change the car ... now we are thinking about it ... since they are getting bigger and the cars are 3 doors 🙁

  49. We have not changed because we have a company car but I think it is the only element of our life that has not yet turned upside down!

  50. If I had to change cars when the second one was born, and the chair would be great for the older one! 😉

  51. At the moment we have not had to change but we are waiting for our second child and surely we need more space

  52. With the first, no, but when considering having the second, we had to do it.

  53. At the moment we have not changed but we do not rule it out in the not too distant future, we have a peke of almost 3 years and one of 7m. It would do us great !, thanks for the draw 🙂

  54. I have 3 children from the age of 5 a year recently ... So getting 3 chairs in the car has been an almost engineering process ... But in your store you have found us the solution ... But they grow and we need to evolve with them

  55. We made the change earlier so that everything didn't come together. We don't have group 2-3 yet so it would be great 🙂

  56. We did not have to change it because a year before having our princess we changed the car because it was sporty with two doors.

  57. We had to change cars with the arrival of our second daughter. We didn't fit anymore! And soon you will have to change seats too. Let's see if we are lucky!

  58. With the second daughter yes! I was forced… we couldn't fit everyone and the junk

  59. We have changed cars with the second child, now the eldest has a change of seat it would be great for us

  60. We are not in the car, but the chair of the older one passes to the little one and we need a new chair for her!

  61. In the end we changed to a slightly older car because with the kids and all the things they need the Corsa was too small for us !!

  62. Our car broke down shortly after our son was born. We take the opportunity to buy a family one

  63. Well, when my little one was born two years ago, we… we changed cars because the previous one was very, very old (I was 25 years old) and we wanted a chair with isofix that seemed safer

  64. Luckily we do not change the cars at home we have two, the truth is that we already changed our lives after the arrival of our little one as well as changing the car Puff

  65. I already have 2 children and a husband holding on, until we haven't been able anymore! This week they give us our new car ... With 7 seats !!

  66. The baby will arrive soon, we have a small car but we will manage jeej

  67. We did not change the car since from the beginning we had a family car to put our two dogs, but now with a 2 year old and a baby I think we will have to change it soon

  68. We do, since mine was 3 doors and so we have two 5 doors.
    That chair is perfect for me!

  69. At the moment we have not had to change cars. Fortunately the one we have is great. But we are already 5 in the family!

  70. Well we did have to change it as soon as we saw that we could not go to the store and carry the stroller at the same time inside the car !!! I am lucky that we did it because now we are one more !!!

  71. If we have changed cars. We had two small cars with 3 doors and we have bought a bigger one with more luggage and 5 clear doors.

  72. We had to buy a van because the car is too small with all the things that are needed for the child

  73. We do change it with the arrival of the first girl. Now with the second one we are going to be right again 😉

  74. When we bought it at the time, we did so with the view that we would be one or two more, as will be the case.

  75. We changed cars with the arrival of the second baby, so two chairs and another person sitting behind perfectly dug

  76. My twin sister Natividad Belén Valeros Blázquez. They don't have a car. Whenever they have to go by car, they have to ask people who have a chair. She lives in Madrid and when they come to my city, Cartagena, which is where I live, we also have to ask the people that they have. And the truth is that it is a bit annoying. I hope that it touches me, for my niece that she needs it. A Great Draw. Thank you very much.

  77. I took out my driving license Wed after I was pregnant so I didn't change my car, I bought one adapted to him directly! Hehehehehe thanks for the draw !!

  78. We had to change cars with the arrival of the second baby !! But we are happy and delighted!

  79. Yes, because we had a smart two-seater and the three of us didn't fit! 😉

  80. We have not had to change cars, this is not our economy. But if we give a little brother to the little one we will have to consider sure change !!!

  81. Great car seat for its safety and reliability. Very good option to take the children with ease in the car. Thanks for the giveaway

  82. I did not have to change cars with the arrival of my second son.

  83. At the moment we have not considered it. We will see how the four of us have managed.

  84. Luckily, we have not had to change cars, because we have a large van and hope that everything fits well, but we will not manage, changing cars is not in our plans! : s But this chair could be great for us !! Let's see if there is luckeeeeeeee !!! Thanks @ Baby Experience!

  85. We changed cars when we were going for the baby, we needed a 5-door car with a large trunk and now our Iker jiji will be born, it came out great, and hopefully I touch the chair !!!!

  86. I need it for the arrival of the new bb !! This chair will be ideal for the oldest!

  87. We had already planned to change cars, although the fact that they were twins accelerated the change 😛

  88. We just bought a car, since with our second child of just a month and a half we did not enter. The chair would be great for me. Because ... they are a lot of expenses.

  89. We did not need to change the car since the one we bought we did it with the thought of having a family, the chair would be great for my little 13-month-old, since we are in a group 0/1 and group 2/3 comes stupendous

  90. We did not have to change cars but shortly it is time to change seats 🙂

  91. I did not have to change my car for the arrival of the flowers. Luckily I had a big car !!
    Let's see if we are lucky because this chair would be great for us!

  92. We had to change the car thinking about the arrival of the second baby
    We are already looking for the next car seat and this seems ideal, hopefully you are lucky

  93. The truth is that I have not changed the car, but I have a 3-door and it is very uncomfortable! I'm thinking about it ...

  94. Well, we have changed the car because the one we had was very old, it was always with breakdowns, but the one we have taken is not very familiar to say ... but it is what you can do right now

  95. I love it, I have not changed my car due to space, although I did because the previous one broke down. Now I want to change seats because it is too small.

  96. We have not had to change cars. When we changed it, we were already thinking about expanding our family. Hehe

  97. We have not changed cars, but if we buy a trunk for the roof of the car ... If not, we do not enter!

  98. When we buy the car we already think about our future little… so we have not changed it

  99. We changed cars when she was pregnant with our second child. Now we have a bigger one and we are delighted.

  100. I have an eight-month-old baby and if we have had to change cars because the one we had is three doors and it was very uncomfortable. Now I could use the chair for the little one, I also think the chair is great

  101. We have not had to change cars, since we have an opel astra and he is our first son. So for now we have a chair to spare

  102. With the first little one we had to change cars because it was a 3-door, quite uncomfortable, now we have a minivan, waiting for the second one and we were very happy to have so much space for chairs and junk 😉

  103. For now we have not changed cars, and although we are very fair in my Golf, we have managed. But the truth is that now that the little one is going to be 2 years old and we are looking for a little brother, we have started looking at family cars. I hope that in a few months we can release a car :-).
    Thanks for the draw, let's see if we are lucky.

  104. No, but for the next insurance. The cart already occupies us tooooodo the trunk!

  105. Well, if we had to change cars, golf was very nice to walk, but when it came to putting all the gear we needed when we went out with Lucia, it was too small for us, now with the van it almost fits the entire house. We are truly delighted

  106. The truth is that daddy insisted (we have a small Fiat Punto) but for now we have decided to deal with what there is.

  107. It was not necessary to change cars. We have had the second child but the car is big.

  108. I did have to change cars since I had an Audi A3 WITHOUT REAR DOORS and it was a nightmare with two small children. I have one who is three years old and the other 9 months old, so when I was about to give birth to my little one we decided change for a Honda crv

  109. With the first we did not have to change cars and now with the second we will wait to see if we can with the space of this :-))
    But the chair would be great for the older one and prepare your own for the brother !!
    Thank you!

  110. I had to change from a focuss to a peugeot 5008 because it was too small when my second son was born. Invited @Laura Fernández and Javier Martín

  111. Yes, I had to change the car with the first baby because no, we could fit the cart in the trunk. With this second baby we did not need it.

  112. At the moment I hope I don't have to change cars, although most likely we will end up with a slightly larger one ... 3 chairs in a c3 are very difficult to fit!

  113. With the first one, if I changed my car, my car was very small and had three doors, so I changed it. With the second it was not necessary.

  114. Of course I had to change the car, because for my husband and I, a small Corsican opel served us but the car was very fair there. Not to mention that nothing else entered!

  115. The day my oldest daughter was born (June 10, 2013) they called us to pick up the car hehehehe and the little one is 4 months old and we are still with the same car.

  116. We changed cars before and when choosing it we already thought that it would adapt the day the family increased

  117. With the oldest who was born in 2012, we had to change my husband's car, which was almost two-seater, so with the arrival of the little boy a month ago, we were ready. Jijiji

  118. Hi! We bought the car about 4 years ago thinking about when we were daddies so we have not had to change it now (a month ago from the little one). Regards!

  119. I had to change cars. We had a seat ibiza, with the stroller we couldn't fit anything else. Now we have a Toyota Prius and we are already 4. The worst thing is not being able to take any "guests"

  120. Yes. The clio went on to a better life. Now we have an Altea XL to fill it.

  121. We have not changed cars yet but we want to as it is a three door and there are two little ones!

  122. I already had a family car to take my dogs, so we did not have to change for the arrival of the baby 😉

  123. As we changed with our first daughter now with the second it has not been necessary.

  124. With the arrival of the second child we had to change cars, but in the third pregnancy the biggest surprise came that we expected not one baby but two, that is to say that with the 5-seater car we no longer fit, so we have changed to a 7 seater car, now we are 6 😉

  125. When my daughter was born we adapted to our three-door car, but now that my little son is born we need to change it. Let's see if we are lucky with the draw.

  126. Hi! When my son was born we were scratching without changing cars, but when the little girl was born we had to change cars, we have bought a Mética and the 4 of us are very comfortable. It has a fairly large trunk. Thank you very much.

  127. With the first little we have managed quite well with the one we have. But now that someone else is on the way, I think it will be more than necessary.

  128. We have not had to change cars. Luckily, it has back doors and we are 4

  129. Hi! We changed cars with the second daughter, since it only had 3 doors !!

  130. We did not change the car, in that we were proactive when buying it, the four doors that we have for the little one are perfect. His first trip by car was to visit the grandmother with a few months old, a trip a little long, but he was great.

  131. When my first child was born we did not change, and that had a 3-door 206! But after 10 months we had to change because they hit the car while it was parked and declared it as sinister. We take the opportunity to take a minivan, often change !! And now we are 4 and without space problems.

  132. We have not had to change cars! I love Romer chairs for your safety, I have the Dual Fix !!
    I hope to get lucky!!

  133. We do not change cars. We are 4 and although we are a little tight, the economy is not for anything else

  134. We have not changed cars yet but we are thinking about it because with children a four-door car change is very necessary. Thanks 😉

  135. If we have had to change cars because between a baby and two bad people a 3-door car was impossible for us.

  136. At the moment we keep the same two cars as before Vega was born !! We don't know for how long!

  137. Not yet but we are thinking about it since one of the ones we have is not 5 doors.

  138. We did have to change cars we had a very small one and the stroller could not fit

  139. Yeah !! We released it just two weeks ago because our second little one will arrive in August and the car we had barely fit the three of us! This chair would come with pearls for my big 3-year-old girl 🙂

  140. It would be great to change the car a little bit bigger and the next month the stork came and the little sister is here

  141. With the first child it was not necessary, and with the one on the way neither.

  142. Currently we have not changed the car but we are looking because we do not fit now! Since we have a 40kg dog that takes up too much of the trunk.

  143. My little girl will arrive very soon and I am afraid that sooner or later we will have to change cars because we will not fit..he !!

  144. If we have had to change cars! We had a 3 door and we have changed it for a family one!

  145. If we have had to change cars with the arrival of the second baby. We already had a little bit left.

  146. Oh!! The first walk was to visit the grandparents' house to visit! My baby loves to go in the car! I hope it touches me we would take advantage of it a lot.

  147. We had to change the car, although we needed one sooner or later we took advantage of the new situation to buy it. The one we had is 3 doors and small ...

  148. If we have changed our car !!! to be able to carry all the little things that the little one needs !!!

  149. With the two older ones we managed to get into the car we had, but with the third one and the death of my father we have exchanged a car for a van to take the yaya with her three grandchildren.

  150. The truth is that we already bought the car with a view to having a family and it was not necessary to change

  151. Well, before we had the child we changed our car and we did it thinking that it would be familiar !!

  152. I had to change my car for a bigger one. Because the trunk of the audi A3 is a little small to put the child's cart and luggage to leave for the weekend. Now we have a great skoda superb enooorrrrrme and we are delighted.

  153. We had to buy a family car because the cart did not fit in my Ibiza. We made a good purchase, now we are all doing well.

  154. Not with the first child ... but when the fourth arrived we had to change to a 7-seater car.

  155. Luckily we did not have to change a car, when we bought it we did it thinking about having children in the future.

  156. We had to change cars, because we had one more sporty type with 3 doors and we couldn't fit the car in the trunk !!

  157. I did not have to change the car, for short trips we used Mom's and for long ones, Grandpa's, which is much more comfortable and more spacious

  158. We had changed it four years ago and we already chose it thinking about the possible future arrival of the little one. So when it came, we no longer had to change it.

  159. well we change cars yes! especially because we only had a three door and it was a chou to put the seat. 🙂

  160. When the first one was born if we had to change cars then when the second one was born we took a minivan now that a third one arrived because the last car we took was good for us je

  161. We take advantage of the pregnancy to buy the new car. We needed it a lot and we already caught it thinking about the little one and its comfort and safety.

  162. 5 months ago we had our third baby, we did not count on having to change cars, but we had not taken into account the “boot” factor. So we are in the process of searching….

  163. I have not had to change cars, but surely this fantastic chair looks great on mine so that my nephew will be super comfortable.

  164. Change car when my little girl was born, now she is older and you have to change the chair ...

  165. Yes, I had to change cars because the one I had was too small and old to safely carry my girl, and now with the arrival of another little girl, we are considering changing again, ains, how well would a chair come to us? new!!!

  166. We did have to change cars. A year after the baby is born. For a bigger and more familiar one.

  167. We did not have to change the car but surely we will in the future because we want to enlarge the family 😀

  168. I am pregnant with my first baby, I still don't have a car seat and I would love it if I were the lucky one in the draw 😉

  169. And so much, we had the car for less than a year and when the little boy was born he told us that we couldn't fit bi making a terris, so a new car.

  170. With a child alone as we have, we have not had to change cars, but we had to juggle to put the chair, if one day we wanted to have another child, then we would have to change

  171. Well, I haven't had to change cars but we are thinking about it in the medium term

  172. We had a catapum car of the year, and we changed it for a new one, safer and more spacious when the first baby was born… We knew we wanted to have 3 and we would not have fit in the first car !!!

  173. At first we did not change, but when the little boy turned two, yes, for comfort and space and also thinking about the future.

  174. I did not have to change a car, although I admit that I should but it is not within my possibilities

  175. I did not have to change the car because my baby was born, but they took away the company car I used, so since I was shopping, I chose a minivan, ha ha!

  176. We would have to change cars. We have two children and we are more fair. There is no place behind for the third place and we cannot accompany them as we would like when they get dizzy and so on. But it can not be done.

  177. We have bought one of 7 seats since the last ones have been twin and with two children, I have a new car seat purchase

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