You already know that one of our priorities is the safety of the baby in the car. As we have mentioned in previous posts, We believe that the most important product in a childcare store is: the safety seat.

Not because the other articles are not relevant, but because we believe that babies are very vulnerable the moment they get into a car. We cannot choose a chair simply because of the brand, the design or because the neighbor has told me that he is doing very well.

Each baby has a different height, weight, morphology, therefore you have to try different chair models until you find the one that best suits him.

But not only that is important, but also the car. Each car has a certain inclination of the armchairs, some have isofix and others do not, we find wider cars and others narrower, floors with hatches that do not favor the action of the rear leg of the chairs in reverse gear, etc. All These characteristics force us to try different models until we find the one that fits your child and also your car. It is not recommended to buy this type of product without having previously tried it.

So at Baby Experience we decided to do a section for chair tests. And not only that, we also wanted to manufacture a 'device' that helps parents feel something similar to what their child feels when traveling for the march. Thus was born THE RAMP!

Surely some of you know it first hand, but those of you who have not yet come to visit us, what are you waiting for? (I take this opportunity to tell you that on April 28 we have a talk about security very important!)

How was LA RAMPA born? 

The ramp was born from the will to explain in an 'experiential' and technical way the safety of our children.

Behind this ramp there is a lot of work. To give you an idea of all the people who have intervened and the hours we have been devising this 'device' I leave you some photos.

As you can see, we take it seriously! 😉

After creating the skeleton of the ramp we tested to make it safe and also to achieve the desired power. In a first phase, the blow was so strong that it went beyond what we were looking for. The idea was to get a simulation, not to injure someone.

We consulted the professional who guided us throughout the process and came to measure speed and strength. He suggested us to incorporate a brake at the end:

And finally we get the desired impact!

Do you want to see it in action? GIVE IT TO THE PLAY! 😉

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