The swivel car seats facilitate the daily life of families. Until now we could find numerous brands on the market with models of rotary chairs in their catalog: Britax Römer, Jané, Be Cool, Bébécar, Joie, etc. Besafe enters the market in this segment with 3 versions of counter-rotating swivel chairs with an exclusive installation, innovative technologies and the Plus Test seal: Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size, Besa iZi Twist i-Size and Besafe iZi Turn i-Size.

Three versions available

  • iZi Twist i-Size: from 61 to 105 cm. A child seat from approximately 6 months that is used after the newborn seat, exclusively in reverse.
  • iZi Twist B i-Size: from 40 to 105 cm. A seat with lateral rotation and the innovative Besafe Baby Shell; a special reducer for babies that allows parents to use the chair from the first day of life, exclusively in reverse gear.
  • iZi Turn: from 61 to 105 cm. A child seat from approximately 6 months that can be oriented both in reverse and in the direction of travel, so it rotates 360º on itself. Children can ride for the entire life of the chair in reverse, but with the flexibility of being able to tilt it forward if necessary. We recommend using it in reverse gear as long as possible and minimum up to 4 years.

One-of-a-kind installation method

All three models with rotation have an installation method that is unique in its class: the system Universal Level Technology.

This system solves the frequent problem we encounter today during chair testing: vehicles with sport or comfort finish seats that have an excessive inclination. A rear-facing car seat installed in this type of vehicle causes the child to have a too vertical position and therefore, the head falls forward.

Besafe has solved this problem by designing the seat and the base so that, regardless of the angle of the vehicle seat, its installation will be horizontal; even in vehicles whose seats have a 20 degree tilt.


Is this type of “floating” installation safe?

United Nations regulation 129 does not require that the car seat rests on the seat of the vehicle itself; but it does specify that the installation of the isofix anchors must be combined with a support leg or top strap to avoid forward movement in the event of a frontal collision.

The actual force of inertia and the anti-rotation system are transmitted to the support leg, not to the vehicle seat. In addition, the Besafe iZi Twist has passed the world's strictest impact test: the Plus Test.

In addition, the seat has four reclining positions independent of installation.

Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size: perfect for newborns

Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size
Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size

Besafe Baby Shell

As we mentioned above, the Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size has a nest that allows the same position and protection that a group 0 offers: the Baby shell.

An independent module that is placed on the seat, adding one more barrier for impact protection. Suitable for newborns up to 87 cm in height.


Besafe Newborn Hugger

In addition, for greater support and comfort of the newborn, the iZi Twist B i-Size includes the Besafe Newborn Hugger, which is placed inside the Baby Shell. A combination of soft materials on the baby's sides and a strategically placed inner wedge that provide the necessary support to seat the baby at the correct angle. This additional reducer should be discontinued when the baby reaches 60 cm or 4 months of age.


Besafe Dynamic Force Absorber

With the aim of improving safety in the event of a side impact, Besafe has incorporated a new solution in the headrest of the seat: made of special materials and with different flexible areas that adequately absorb the forces of a side collision when bending the interior area, while the outer areas remain rigid.

In addition, the material used is more stable against changes in temperature (homologation is carried out around 21-23ºC) so it better preserves its adaptive properties.


In addition, all Besafe rotary chair models carry the additional side protection (SIP +).

Besafe iZi Twist i-Size

Besafe iZi Twist i-Size
Besafe iZi Twist i-Size

Exactly the same as the previous model, but for babies from approximately 6 months old and changing the Baby Shell for the Besafe Two-Fit Cushion.

Besafe Two-Fit Cushion

A reducer that will already be familiar to us, being the same as the iZi Modular i-Size. Allows adjustment of support and comfort individually. Made of soft but resistant materials, they provide support and stability when moving from the baby seat to this chair for small children. Two pieces that can be removed separately as our little one grows, allowing an optimal positioning and adjustment of harnesses.

It is recommended to remove them after 2 years, although they can be removed sooner or later depending on the growth and percentile of our children.

Besafe iZi Turn i-Size

Besafe iZi Turn i-Size
Besafe iZi Turn i-Size

Same finishes and reducers as the Besafe iZi Twist i-Size with the difference of its 360º rotation. A chair that allows you to go both in reverse and in favor of the gear; therefore it does not bear the Plus Test seal.

Although the car seat according to the R129 regulation already allows it to be put in favor of the march with 15 months; It still seems crazy to us, allowing such small babies to go in favor of the march.

Recognized with the German AGR seal

The Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size has been recognized with the prestigious German label AGR.

Synonymous with strict evaluation criteria developed jointly by health experts from different disciplines. Two highly competent professional associations in the medical field, the German Association of Back Schools (Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen, BdR) and the Healthy Back / Better Life Forum (Forum Gesunder Rücken - besser leben eV) have constituted this guild of experts . Independent doctors and therapists work at AGR for back health and correct posture of the spine.


With this seal, we guarantee that this chair is ergonomic and in accordance with the parameters for a proper posture and a healthy baby's back.


Prices of the three models

  • Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size price: € 695
  • Besafe iZi Wist i-Size price: € 595
  • Besafe iZi Turn i-Size price: € 625

Information from Besafe.

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