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A few days ago we were lucky to know the new Bugaboo first person and we loved it! Summarizes the best of all Bugaboo strollers  In one, don't you think it's a good presentation? Do you want to know more? Well, let's go there!

A few days ago we published a post where we told you why the names in the strollers Bugaboo (read in by clicking). There were people, very fast, who already knew what the new member of the family was going to be called, but for those who are not here you have the answer:



Yup! The new stroller is going to be called Bugaboo fox! Because it is agile, you can find it both in the forest and in the city and at any time of the year.

In summary the Bugaboo Fox brings together the best of each stroller (Buffalo, Bee and Cameleon)

From what we could see at first glance it is a comfortable baby car, very intuitive, robust, light and ultra-compact.





  • It has fantastic maneuverability. You can almost move it with just one finger. This is due to the tread of its wheels that is better attached to the ground, has less friction and that makes it slide better (characteristic of the Bee).

  • The material is an aluminum that is used in aeronautics making it light and resistant.
  • Wheels can be customized

  • Shopping basket that can carry up to 10 kg and has separate pockets.


  • In the basket we can see some small holes that have the function of eliminating the liquids that can overturn.

  • New brake system. It can be activated and deactivated with a single click. Without forcing. Once activated, a red warning is displayed and when deactivated it turns green.

  • Extendable handlebar
  • Cushioning front and in the central axis (like the Runner) In this way the chair remains immobile in any terrain, making the child's body absorb fewer impacts in more difficult terrain.


  • It's deeper
  • They change the foam and velcro that were previously used to place the textiles. In the Fox the textiles of the carrycot are placed by rails. Here you have a video where you can see the assembly of the carrycot:

  • The mattress is still 3D. It has neither feet nor head the same as the base of the carrycot.
  • The base of the carrycot is made of the same material as the surfboards because it is a resistant and very light material.
  • New in the carrying handle: Two buttons have been installed on each side of the handle that must be operated at the same time in order to remove it. It is a change that provides an extra security.

  • The hood is longer, completely covering the sun to the little one (It is longer than the extendable ones)
  • The reinforcement of the carrycot is outside because it is easier to make it compact and more folded.

At the end of this video you can see how the carrycot, thanks to this piece, is made so compact that it takes up very little space, which makes it much more practical for cars with less space:


  • More padded seat, especially in the back.
  • Higher backrest
  • The harness is adjustable from the outside, it is not necessary to disassemble it to be able to raise or lower the upper belts. Attention to the ease with which we can regulate it:

  • The footrest is plastic, it has no textile. In this way it does not get dirty continuously and is easier to clean.

  • It has a new piece at the back of the chair that supports the child's back with the necessary flexibility to make it comfortable.


One of the most spectacular novelties of this stroller is its different folding ways and the ease with which it can be carried out. As soon as we have it in store we will make a video to show you all the possibilities.


Meanwhile we leave you a type of folding in one piece:


The new Bugaboo also has endless configurations! So you can create it to your liking.


And to finish the surprises the Bugaboo Fox only weighs 9,800 kg!


Have you ever thought about the waste that comes with making a car and throwing it away?

Thanks to the fact that the Fox pieces are independent, their production is more sustainable. The chassis has 14 different parts so if one part breaks and a change has to be made in the after-sales service now it is no longer necessary to change the entire chassis, now you can replace only the necessary part. This also makes the chassis fully recyclable since we can separate all the parts to do the necessary recycling process.


The price varies according to the configuration, it is approximately between € 1159 and € 1249.

The box includes:

  • chassis, seat frame, carrycot frame, wheels, shopping basket, carry handle and rain cover
  • additional carrycot cover pack including carrycot cover and foot cover
  • chair cover
  • soft top
  • 2 handlebar covers and 1 carry handle cover
  • tire pack

You can see it in store from March 1st.




3 thoughts on “ Bugaboo Fox ¡Conócelo con nosotros! ”

  1. I like very much. To prove it, then do you have to wait until March? Or that date is the sale date? If you order it on that date, how long would it take for the stroller to arrive? Thank you. Good article. To pull the chair back is done with one hand or two?

    1. Yes, until March we will not have it in store 😉 We will have to wait to try it.
      It can be reclined with one hand.
      Contact your nearest Baby Experience store about those dates and we can tell you when they would serve it.
      a greeting

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