A few days ago we were able to get up close to the new Bugaboo. We are sure that you will not be disappointed, but until the day February 1st We cannot contradict you much more about it because it is a secret! In this video you can see a little how it will be. Do you want to know to the new Bugaboo member?


How is it going to be called? Does he have an animal name like the rest of his companions? Surely someone already knows what it will be called, but since we like to endure the mystery until the end, we are going to wait until the date set to explain it. To make it a little more entertaining you can start thinking about what you would like it to be called and why. While we are going to review the Bugaboo family and we are going to explain What are the characteristics that make each stroller have been assigned the name it has? This is how we give you clues! 


Bugaboo is a Dutch design company that develops and produces mobility products. What started as a visionary design project by its founder, has grown into a global brand that has helped millions of parents get out and explore the world with their children, in comfort and style. Known for revolutionizing the stroller market with the launch of its iconic stroller in 1999, Bugaboo designs products that make life on the go easier.

Let's go over all the strollers that make up the family!


The icon 

This original and complete stroller adapts to all ages and types of ride. From newborn to child, in the city and in the forest, on the sand and in the snow. The versatile Cameleon³ will allow you to easily go where you want



Designed to go everywhere. He  Buffalo It is essential for those parents who love to discover things. It does not matter if it is a complicated path through the urban jungle or cross country.


The most urban stroller

Designed specifically for parents who live life on the fly. He Bee⁵ For newborns and children it incorporates a light and easy to carry carrycot, to explore the heart of the city comfortably.


The spacious

For twins, for dads who go to the market or for very close brothers: donkey is the stroller of Bugaboo with more storage space.


For athletes

Exclusively designed for active parents who don't give up on anything. He  runner Complete is a running car that includes its own chair.


As you can see, except the runner, they all have animal names. Do you know why? Because each of them has the characteristic of the animal that corresponds to it.

For example:

- Cameleon: Because it is very versatile

- Buffalo: Because it is big and can handle everything.

- Bee: Because it is light.

- Donkey: Because it has load capacity

- And the new one? What characteristics would you like the new stroller to have?

Tell us, we love these games!

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