We were waiting for him, since July specifically, he has made himself beg. We already have in our stores the new Stokke Beat: the Norwegian brand enters fully into the urban stroller compact.


Until now, we were used to off-road strollers, with big wheels, sturdy chassis and high chairs; adaptable to any situation, designed for the comfort of our little ones. But the market is in charge and we must all adapt to new generations of parents.

We are looking for strollers that are lighter, faster to fold and more practical. Our daily environment is the city and a busy pace of life.

Main features of the new Stokke Beat

Considering the needs of the public, Stokke has done very well. The Stokke Beat is the urban stroller adapted to new demands.

According to its official data, its 9.5 kg would make it one of the lightest in its segment, and we noticed that above all. when testing it in our Baby Sabadell Experience Test Stroller and folding it with one hand.

Its unfolded measurements are D: 97 cm W: 53.5 cm H: 115 cm; and folded, D: 78 cm W: 53.5 cm H: 32 cm.

Still, its wheels are not small, they are medium in size allowing them to get rid of obstacles easily. Manufactured with a rubber cover and an internal foam core that allows optimal energy absorption, reminding us of air wheels.

Both its harness and the safety bar facilitate the placement of the baby; and its footrest is wide and comfortable.

Its very spacious basket is designed to hold 10 kg; Perfect to carry our baby's things or put the shopping bag.

Stokke Beat cesta

Simple steps to recline and fold

As for reclining, Stokke has created a very simple system that allows you to adjust the inclination to the angle you want. It does not have defined positions or mechanisms that may need future repairs. A simple tape with a clamp allows our little one to recline in a very soft way.

The Stokke Beat consists of a pediatric chair Approved up to 15 kg, where we could even put a baby under six months old without the need for a reducer, in the event that the carrycot is slightly small. Although from experience, Stokke carrycots are very complete and spacious.

Stokke Beat capazo

Its backrest is not totally rigid, it presents a slight movement intended to absorb the trepidation transmitted by the ground.

Regarding the folded, we can do it without the chair or with it in both positions: both looking at parents and looking at the world. Simply by raising the footrest without removing the safety bar and pressing the white button that is under the seat on the chassis, we have a fold very compact.

Sustainable textiles for the Stokke Beat

Its extendable and ventilated hood, the same as for the carrycot, has an easily recognizable design when seen from the side. It even has UV protection and is water repellent.

All textiles are removable and washable; and something that seems to us a great step is its origin: recycled plastic bottles (PET).

We like that brands are becoming more environmentally conscious by introducing sustainable materials in the manufacture of their products

Colors and price

The Stokke Beat is presented with a black chassis and three possible colors: Blue Melange, Black Melange and Black.

The price of the Stokke Beat is € 829: chassis and seat € 599 and carrycot for € 230. Without a doubt a very competitive price compared to other strollers in its segment.

6 thoughts on “ Stokke Beat: el cochecito urbano compacto ”

  1. You comment that it is approved up to 15 kl, but on its website they comment that it supports up to 22 kl, why that difference?

    1. Good afternoon Marga. One thing is the approval that has passed and another thing is the real weight that it can support. There are two approvals: the 15 and 22 kg; However, in Spain only 15 kg is approved. All chairs that carry the 22 kg homologated label are because they have been passed in another country. It is possible that Stokke initially passed the 15 kg approval and later passed the 22 kg approval. This has happened to us with other models on the market: initially they came with 15 kg approval because they were waiting for the 22 kg certificate. It is also true that these chairs even hold a little more weight, although it is not recommended. I hope I have clarified your doubts. A greeting!

  2. Could you tell me the measurement between wheel and wheel? In other words, I see that the handlebar doubles at the height of the wheel and since my lift is small I wanted to know if it would fit me. Thank you

    1. Good morning Maite. The Stokke Beat, with the handlebar completely lowered and hidden (as if we were going to fold it) measures from front wheel to rear wheel 78 cm. Now, the chassis where the handlebar is protrudes about 2 cm, so the final measurement to take into account will be 80 cm. We hope we have clarified your doubt. A greeting!

  3. The stokke beat has a lower baby height I understand that the stokke Xplory I understand? What difference there are?

    1. Good morning Ana Maria. Yes, the Stokke Beat is somewhat lower than the Xplory. The main difference between them is that the Stokke Beat is a more compact and lighter urban stroller; so its folding makes it take up less.

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