What is Liip Smart Monitor?

It is a bracelet that is placed on the baby's ankle or wrist and is capable of monitoring their health in real time. The bracelet It can accurately control the baby's vital signs, temperature and blood oxygen saturation level.

Although the bracelet was originally designed for monitoring children with health problems, Liip's technology also can be used in completely healthy children from 0 to 7 years old, to ensure that they sleep peacefully at night and to detect health conditions that are out of the ordinary. It is also created mainly to relieve parents of the weight that concerns for the health of their babies, giving more moments of enjoyment, rest and happiness between parents and children.

The bracelet, apart from offering real-time readings and monitoring of the child's health, stores, deciphers and interprets the data it collects and exposes them in a practical and simple way to parents and pediatric specialists. Liip Smart Monitor is especially useful for detecting cardiac abnormalities such as arrhythmias, tachycardia, or bradycardia, as well as revealing pictures of febrile seizures, apneas, or even risks of sudden death.

How does it work?

This high precision bracelet has sensors and works via bluetooth, in addition to having a couple of very interesting applications. For its operation it has a battery that charges in half an hour and lasts up to 14 hours.


The bracelet, through an application called Liip Care, offers parents three important information. The first is the normality information by which everything goes correctly; the second is the acute situation information and the third is the critical situation information.

If the bracelet warns us of a critical situation, the application itself sends an alert message to the parents accompanied by an acoustic warning and a message. When we click on this message, the application will establish an action protocol by contacting 112.

Liip Smart Monitor also has another application called Liip Pediatricians. This app is intended only for doctors who carry babies. In this way, pediatricians themselves can monitor their patients more accurately and closely. Thus, they can check if the treatments work in the proper way, for example.

Both applications that are part of the pack of this smart bracelet, can be used both on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

What elements compose it?

  • Liip Smart Monitor Core: integrated with an information processor that is responsible for reading, interpreting and transmitting the baby's vital signs.
  • Interchangeable bracelets: As the baby grows, the straps of the bracelet can be changed for comfort.
  • Charger and USB cable: Of course, the device must be charged from time to time, since it has a battery that lasts 14 hours in use.
  • User manual: Explains the operation and installation of the smart bracelet.
  • Power off and reset button: This can be used to remotely activate the bracelet or in case a malfunction is present or does not respond.

What constants does the bracelet read?

  • Heart rate: baby's number of beats per minute.
  • Oxygen saturation:The percentage of oxygen available in the blood.
  • Distal peripheral temperature: The temperature of the baby's outer limbs.

Who created it?

A Valencian technology company called Liip it is the one behind this bracelet. Specifically, it is a startup formed by engineers, pediatricians and biochemists. They are professionals who have worked together for the implementation and creation of this article, which is called to be useful to both parents and doctors themselves. We are referring to Víctor Herrero, Sergio Negre, Héctor Llorens, Juan Montesinos and David Güemez.

We have tried it

For some days we have tested the bracelet on a 2 year old. We put it on the left wrist and linked it to both an Android smartphone and an iOS tablet to test the app on both platforms.

Following all the steps in the instructions, it was very easy to link the bracelet and activate the sensors so that it began to take readings.

On the wrist it was not anything fancy and we even had some tears when removing it to reload it because the little one had been amused to wear a "watch like mom".

We liked that the app notifies any slight change, from the parameters we have mentioned that it measures, to whether the bracelet is incorrectly placed or if it has lost the connection.

What we did not like so much is that when leaving the child in his room and taking us the mobile or tablet that was synchronized to the bracelet, the connection was lost. Speaking with the representative of the brand, we cleared the doubts: The bracelet has no bluetooth antenna to avoid radio frequency and electromagnetism signals; something completely logical if we are going to put it on a baby: it must be a low-emission device.

Without bluetooth antenna we avoid harmful emissions for our baby.

As there is no antenna, the materials in the house limit the signal range. The solution? Liip can connect up to 20 smartphones or tablets, so the solution is simple, you can leave one in the room where the baby is at night so that the data is stored in the app and thus appear on other devices. After trying this, we never had any connection loss problems again!

Mention that during the use of the bracelet, our little 2-year-old subject was ill one of the nights that we monitored him and as soon as the fever rose he warned us; so that night we had a certain tranquility even sleeping in the same room, since the bracelet was going to warn us in case we fell asleep.

Liip collaborates with some Hospitals, hospitals and individual pediatricians

Below you can see some examples of collaborating centers:

List of Madrid Hospitals with access to Liip Pediatricians:
  • Sanitas La Moraleja
  • Peace
  • Iron door
  • October 12 Hospital
  • HM Hospitals
  • Child Jesus
  • Sanitas La Zarzuela
  • Calle Foso Health Center
  • Private consultation Doctor Villa Asensi
List of Hospitals of Valencia Liip Pediatras:
  • Chiron Health
  • La Fe de Valencia, pediatric pulmonology unit
  • Advanced pediatric unit
List of Barcelona Hospitals with access to Liip Pediatricians:
  • Vall D´Hebrón
  • Chiron Barcelona
  • Dexeus University Hospital

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