When a baby is born, the first contact it has with the world is the cold air, the white lights in the room, the gowns of the nurses and doctors, and finally, finally, the arms of its mother. Mom's arms, that place where babies find comfort in their first moments of extrauterine life and where no child is afraid. The hug is the deepest sign of love that exists, and we know this from the moment of birth.
Mom's arms have a special magic that calms and relaxes, and Dad's arms are a source of fun and a fantastic place from which to discover the world. All children love to be in their arms, and their parents love to carry them, but it is not always possible.
We want to give them the best, we want to keep them close at hand, but life goes on and the housework continues to accumulate and the stomach still needs food that has to be cooked. It is for this reason that humanity invented a lot of years ago the best of parenting inventions: porting.
Yes, daddies. There is a way to continue with your daily life without having to give up contact with your baby, how necessary it is during its first months of life. Carrying is the ideal solution to have your hands free without the little one feeling alone. In Baby Experience we believe a lot in parenting with attachment, and portering is one of the bases of this style of upbringing that seeks to educate our children with love, returning to the origins, to the simplest and most effective things. And precisely porting is one of the most effective ways to create this bond of love with our child. In addition, carrying has more than remarkable benefits for the baby, since it reduces reflux, makes it easier to sleep and helps children cry less. 
But carry at any price? Not! Take note of these basic points:
  • In order to safely carry your baby it is very important to choose a ergonomic system, in which the baby goes with the posture called "frog“.
  • Legs must be M-shaped, so the baby should be sitting on his butt and not with his legs stretched out and hanging, as is the case with backpacks known as "mattresses".
  • The back has to make the shape of the letter C, in a fetal position.
  • Is better avoid carrying children looking forward, they are not prepared to process all the stimuli that they will receive if they behave in this way and also causes the child to adopt an uncomfortable and unnatural position.

In our stores we have the best brands in ergonomic carrying: Stupid, Manduca, Ergobaby, Neobulle, Stokke We have backpacks, foulards, and Mei-Tai, each one is suitable for different needs, but this is the subject of another post, right? 😉

If you want to carry safely and are looking for good advice, come visit us in Baby Experience and you will see in first person the benefits of carrying your baby very close, which is what he wants most.

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