Bugaboo associates the virtues of some animal species with the names of their strollers. The new Bugaboo Lynx will therefore have the best known characteristics of a lynx: medium size, agility and robustness.

The first impression is its great similarity with the Bugaboo Fox, but after a somewhat more detailed analysis of the Bugaboo Lynx, we were able to observe several changes.


Features and details of the Bugaboo Lynx

  • Lighter: made of high-quality, incredibly strong aerospace aluminum; the Lynx will weigh around 9.4 kg versus the Fox's 9.9 kg; and you will be able to carry almost 23 kg in your chair and around 10 kg in your basket.
  • Folded in one piece that reminds us of the Bugaboo Fox, although without the blockages that it has.
  • Extra large extendable hood with small window, something that until now we had only seen in the limited edition Track Collection and in the new Premium hoods of the Bugaboo Ant. Will Bugaboo change the rest of the hoods in its range?
  • Puncture wheels slightly smaller than the Bugaboo Fox.
  • Reversible chair with 3 reclining positions: same system as the Bugaboo Cameleon, so we will need both hands; at Fox we could do it with one hand.

Evolution of the Bugaboo range

In March 2018 Bugaboo released its new model of stroller, the Bugaboo fox. A stroller that promised us agility in all types of terrain and that has really fulfilled it: best seller, is one of the most popular models.

Back then, the Bugaboo range consisted of the Cameleon, the Buffalo, the Bee and the Donkey.

The Bugaboo Buffalo disappeared from the limelight with the entry of the new model, whose improvements unseated it as the perfect SUV.

Today, the Bugaboo range has grown with the addition of the Bugaboo Ant, which you can see more in depth here; so, now yes, Bugaboo has strollers for all needs: the Ant As an ultra compact and lightweight stroller, the Bee 5 like the perfect urban stroller, the Cameleon 3 plus As its iconic and versatile model, the Fox like his SUV and finally the Donkey 2 as a twin that can be configured in both Mono and Duo modes.


Launch in the American market

In the USA page a launch for October 1: the new Bugaboo Lynx; for the moment, without news and without an expected date in the European market


Launch of Bugaboo Lynx in Spain

Will it be launched in Spain? How long will we have to wait to see it? Without a doubt, we are eager to have it in our hands to carry out an in-depth analysis, have first impressions and form an opinion of the new stroller from Bugaboo; and of course, share it with you.

WE EDIT: According to our latest news, there is no forecast for the Bugaboo Lynx to enter the European market; so it will only be destined for America.

We'll be alert!

Images taken from the Bugaboo USA website.

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