When we think about going on vacation with children, the number of things we can bring to them automatically comes to mind, however, we also know that there are many childcare items specifically designed to take up little space, the so-called "travel" : travel cottravel high chair travel bathtub, etc.

When we prepared all this then, we thought: do I need a “travel” stroller? and we will tell you what we think about it.

We believe that it depends a lot on the destination, because going to the beach by car, to Rome by plane, or to a camping is not the same.

A chair like that GB Pock it It fits in a bag, it is perfect to travel by plane or to put in the car when you are very loaded, but for the beach, a destination where you will carry a bag, towels, water and other heavy packages, better to go with the usual cart or a second one, because an ultralight also has less robustness. It is ideal for large cities and places where there is no elevator in the subway, also for small children who already walk but cannot take much walking. The GB Pockit fits in a backpack!

For destinations like the countryside or the mountains we love the Stokke Scoot, a robust but relatively light stroller that meets all the requirements and gives the necessary comfort to the baby. We also bet on the Joolz Day 2 which is a great off-roader with great maneuverability.

If you have a Bugaboo Bee or a Babyhome EmotionBecause they are urban and light strollers, you do not need another chair except if you are going to travel by plane and you do not want to dispatch it, because many times they arrive at their destination damaged or even broken.

In summer the little ones also need to make their naps comfortable and it is important that the backrest has at least a little inclination, but if it reclined completely it would be perfect.

To alternate with the stroller or stroller we always recommend a baby carrier, in this case a summer one such as the Tonga, the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air wave BOBA Air.

But the most important thing when we travel by car is that the child restraint system is adequate, that the boy or girl are seated in the reverse gear, that the seat is properly installed and that the harnesses are correctly adjusted.

Good trip!


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