Bath time may be one of the most anticipated of the day, or one of the most feared ... There are babies who love water and are real Nemos, but others seem to have an allergy to water and just hearing the tap makes such a stir that anyone would believe that they are being taken to a torture room.

If we are still waiting for the baby we cannot know if ours is going to be from the Michael Phelps group or rather from the rainfed group, therefore the only thing we can do is try to prepare everything so that the bathroom is the most pleasant for all possible. And this has a very, very important first step: choosing the bathtub.

Here are some tips for choosing the best bathtub for our baby:

  • We have to be realistic with the space we have. We are not going to buy the big bathtub if we live in a tiny apartment with a tiny sink and a tiny room. In this case we will have to look for more viable options, such as the Stokke Flexi Bath, the queen of bathtubs in many floors, since it folds and occupies the minimum space. It is also super practical to take with you on a trip and is free of harmful products, what more could you ask for?
  • Hammocks, a good option for everyone's comfort. If the child arrives tired at bath time, his parents can no longer imagine. For this reason the hammocks are a great help to avoid having to carry the baby's weight, and he will be most comfortable lying in his ergonomic hammock.
  • If space is not a problem, you can choose bathtubs with changing tables. They are practical since most of them have an ideal lower tray to store everything necessary for bath time and thus avoid having to move around. It is also a relief for the parents' backs to be able to bathe their little one at a height that avoids uncomfortable positions.
  • There are bathtubs that can help fight colic! Yes, it is not a lie. They are not miraculous but they do help calm babies suffering from these discomforts. In this category we find the fantastic Schnuggle Bathtub, which in addition to helping with colic, has an elegant and ergonomic design suitable for babies up to 12 months old. Ah! and you can put it on a support, so everything is advantages ventajas
  • In relation to what we have already said above, we strongly recommend that you choose the option you choose, keep your comfort in mind. The moment of the bath has to be a moment of relaxation and rest, and if the parents are uncomfortable they will not transmit the necessary peace that feels so good to our little ones.

These are some tips to help you choose the perfect bath for your little fish, what have you taken into account?

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